The philantropy of air strikes

IMG_0102It is a fact. We live in a world straight out of an absurdist – and nightmarish – play, a play in which language and meaning are regularly distorted.

The geopolitical scenario that the West – the so-called international community, a self-appointed bunch of developed nations that use liberal democracy and market economy to beat others into subservience – has created in the last twenty years in the relentless pursuit of its interests, is a shocking disaster. Make no mistakes: the nefarious role of the USA and Britain in this mess is beyond dispute. But the subordination and complacency of others rushing under their post-colonial banner is not only pathetic: it is humiliating.

As for the language employed here in the UK: expressions typical of a Western movie like “boots on the ground” are virtually everywhere, “liberal” media included. Such is the grip of this collective arrogance trip that they speak – and write – like the Robert Duvall’s character in Apocalypse Now.

This crusade – yes, crusade – against the beheaders is another giant excuse to embark in another massive exercise of XXIst century imperialism. To massacre the massacrers is only bound to cause more massacre. This is pretty straightforward, everybody is aware of it. But the defenders of liberty – and all those others concepts they have by now emptied of any reasonable, let alone acceptable, meaning – are not to be stopped. The arrogance they display in yet again appointing themselves as the supreme judge of right and wrong is beyond the wildest authoritarian imagination. Thanks to this periodical flexing of Western military muscle, another catastrophe is befalling the Middle East, while the attention from internal matters is effectively diverted. But hey, who cares? Today the iPhone 6 is out in Italy (only one caveat: make sure you don’t carry it in your pocket)!

One more thing: on the day in which the country almost-formerly-known-as Great Britain is poised to vote another military intervention in one of the areas it has contributed to destabilise the most, I cannot help to think about the man whose hands literally drip with the blood of hundred of thousands having been recently elected by a glossy magazine for rightwing toffs “philantropist of the year“.

It does not only sound like a tragic and cynical joke: it is one. If this is philanthropy, I wonder what misanthropy is.


Autore: leonardo clausi

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