The Opium of the Poppies


I have lived in the capi­tal of the remar­ka­ble coun­try that is Bri­tain for some 20 years now, long enough to learn a thing or two about it. As a young Ita­lian man, hun­gry for art and music, I grew up in the spell of the sup­po­sed supe­rio­rity of its popu­lar culture. This place is so many inte­re­sting things at once.

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Frammento brechtiano da far venire il magone. Descrive lo sbigottimento per un paesaggio incontaminato davanti alla cui perfezione nemmeno un’anima affilata come la sua poteva evitare di commuoversi. Continua a leggere “8-7-40”