Italy. Europe. The Age of Nationalism?


Join us this coming Sunday in the charming framework of the Coronet theatre in Notting Hill, where I will chair a conversation on the above topic with three precious guests: Donald Sassoon, Annalisa Piras and Lorenzo Marsili, as part of the Fill 2018 programme.




Still calling the shots

With the impending judgment of the high court dangling over his head, Berlusconi’s exit seems at last within reach. If that happens, it will be for the sake of the whole country, both on a national and an international level, and that’s pretty much out of the question. Continua a leggere “Still calling the shots”

Strategia dell’informazione

Un pezzo sulle “Nuove Brigate Rosse”, uscito nella sezione Comment is free del Guardian.

It was a moment straight out of an old television documentary: only it was coming from a 2012 Italian court. Last Tuesday in Milan, during the appeal hearing of 13 suspected members of a group linked to the New Red Brigades, one of the main suspects, Alfredo Davanzo shouted: “This is the right moment, ahead with the revolution, long live the revolution!”

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Technocratic Manipulators

Il pezzo non è niente di che (quite terrible, actually), il testo peggio, il titolo l’ho sempre trovato di una naiveté disarmante. Pare impossibile ritrovarselo a descrivere il nuovo governo odontotecnico della Repubblica.

(“Technocratic Manipulators” – Voivod – Dimension Hatröss – 1988)